Environmental Information

Need to dispose of an old vehicle?

Whether you deliver it to us or we collect it from you, as a DVLA Authorised Treatment Facility, Harris’s will comply with the latest environmental legislation and present you with an official DVLA Certificate of Destruction in line with the current laws on continuous taxation.


In 2003, new EU legislation came into being governing the disposal of all scrap vehicles, The End of Life Vehicle Directive. The aim is to reduce pollution and waste that is associated with end of life motor vehicles (ELVs).

All ELVs are classified as hazardous waste and therefore, have to be depolluted prior to dismantling or crushing. This is done in our Authorised Treatment Facility, (see picture below) where all waste materials are removed or drained from each vehicle including battery, engine, oil, fuel, brake fluid etc.

We depollute all our vehicles using our Depollution Unit. Vehicles are placed on the units ramp in order to carefully drain all fluids from each vehicle in a controlled manner. The fluids drain into clearly marked seperate containers below the vehicle, ready for disposal, as demonstrated in the picture below.


All the waste materials recovered from each vehicle during the depollution process are then stored securely in special containers, which are then collected by licensed waste management companies before being re-used, recycled or lawfully disposed of in line with environmental law.


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